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inLife Starter Kits Only $29.95

inLife LLC releases its range of 4 branded starter kits at the low price of $29.95, a 60% saving over its previous starter kit pricing. Save even more money and get your starter kit for free when you commit to a minimum cartridge order purchase. The four brands include the Standard regal2 e-cig in silver with USB charger and two high cartridges.

The inLife Regal 2 Menthol Pack also includes USB charger and two menthol high cartridges

The She Vapes For Girls

This includes a pink battery, USB charger and two cartridges, one cherry flavoured and one standard high.

And finally, the all new NicMaxx, max nicotine (3.5%). This is double the percentage nicotine than the standard high cartridge. For the heavy smoker who needs that extra bit of help transitioning from tobacco!

All For $29.95 each (or FREE with cartridge purchase commitment)

50% Savings By Switching To E-Cigs As Cigarettes Top £7.30

With the recent rise in prices due to the extra 37 pence added to a pack of cigarettes in the budget, a pack of cigarettes now cost the UK smoker an average of £7.30 a pack.

It is not surprising then that electronic cigarettes are finally starting to see traction in the market place.

E-cigs have come a long way in the past twelve months and whilst there is still a plethora of nasty cheap knock-off products on the market that do more harm in putting people off the logical alternative than good , established products that have embraced the higher quality end of the market are slowly becoming established as a true alternative for smokers.

Not only has quality improved, but the cost of starter kits has reduced dramatically with blister packs now available for all 4 inLife brands ( Standard, She Vapes, NicMaxx and Menthol) at a cost of just $29.95 (approx £20.00).

Whilst this includes two cartridges which are equivilent to a pack of cigarettes each, the actual cost of the ‘hardware’ compared to tobacco is just around £5.00.

Let’s not forget as well that the benefits of choosing this new technology give back freedom to smokers to exercise their rights in most of the places that tobacco is know banned.

Because electronic cigarettes contain none of the cancer causing agents found in tobacco there is no second-hand smoke risk. there is no smell, no ash….no more hacking in the morning!

And at a cost of around £3 a cartridge for a high quality cartomizer cartridge equivalent to a pack of cigarettes….you save 50%

In bleak economic times, it therefore makes economic sense as well.

E-Cigarettes are the future of smoking and once embraced, I can honestly say from experience that I have never enjoyed smoking more than I do now. ( And I used to be a 60 a day smoker)

So whilst smokers are some of the last to look to change ( probably cause of all that nagging we put up with to quit!!), from one smoker to another…you have got to give it a try…and at prices today….you know it makes sense!

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The Regal E-Cig Deluxe & Supreme Starter Packs

The Regal Deluxe Electronic Cigarette

With 2 Batteries – Only $89.95



The Regal Deluxe Pack contains:

2 x ‘Worry free’ Lithium rechargeable batteries

1 x Charger & Lead

6 x Cartomizer – Nicotine refill cartridge/ atomizer ( 2 High, 2 med, 1 Low, 1 No)

Read A review of the Regal 2 e-cig with Cartomizer refills – Click Here ( Will Open in New Window)

Note: The Cartomizer cartridges mean you no longer need to purchase extra atomizers. A new atomizer with every cartridge means greater smoke volume and longer life cartridges that are the closest simulation of smoking ever achieved.

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The inLife Regal Supreme Pack

Save An Extra $10 – Only $139.95

The inLife Regal Supreme Pack contains:

1 x inLife Regal Deluxe pack ( See Above)


1 x Portable Carry Charger – A charger with USB connection to charge batteries whilst on the move…



1 x Regal battery and cartridge carry case:


The inLife Regal Supreme kit provides every thing you will need in a comprehensive starter kit.

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Inlife Regal E-Cig – New Cartridge Will Blow You Away

Inlife LLC, the Californian based electronic cigarette supplier today released it’s new cartridge forthe Regal smoking device The Regal2 cartridge.

The new cartridge is set ‘to light a fire’ under the electronic cigarette industry as the new patented refill cartridge more than doubles the performance of the Regal device in terms of longevity and smoke volume.

The new  refill cartridge which contains an integral atomizer comes in a sealed unit helping to avoid leakages of nicotine ( a previously common problem with electronic cigarettes in general) but the bigggest result of the introduction of this technology is in the end result for the smoker.

Having been lucky enough to test the new cartridges over the past two weeks I can say, hand on heart, that these cartridges will have even the most hardened smoker impressed ( I used to be a 50 a day Winston smoker…so you dont get much more hardened than me).

If I can put this break-through technology into perspective I would liken it to the day when Motorola, the cell phone manufacturer introduced the first ‘flip phone’. That was a defining point for the cell phone industry when the technology became ’sexy’ enough for everyone to want to own one.

In the same way, the new electronic cigarette refill cartridge for the Regal now performs so closely to a tobacco cigarette without the harmful carcinogens that I can think of no reason why a smoker would not transition to a device that not only saved them from inhaling substances like Arsenic, Formaldahyde, Benzene, hydrogen cyanide etc etc.. but also saved them money…….and allowed them to smoke where they wanted to… in a bar or restaurant…at work…

So to recap. The technology has arrived. Dont give up smoking……just transition to smoking electronic.


1. Carry on enjoying smoking with the threat from the 4000+ chemicals added to tobacco cigarettes

2. Half your costs of smoking….in these tough economic times..every dime counts

3. Smoke everywhere

If you are also inclined and are as impressed as I am by the amazing technology and the size of its potential market you can also take your own slice of tobacco revenue by referring others to this device.

But first, get it, try it and be amazed. Click Here to read more or Purchase


The Inlife Regal – The Fashion Accessory For Smokers 2010

You may heard of the electric cigarette….or electronic  or e-cig. You may even have seen one or two in your travels. You will have read about the celebs starting to talk about getting one and there is no doubt that come 2010, if you smoke…and you go clubbing….you will want to have one..

The Regal Electronic Cigarette

inlife regal electronic cigarette

The Inlife Regal Electronic Cigarette

I am talking about the latest, best technology electronic cigarette that is about to hit the USA market this week.

The Inlife Regal with Regal2 cartridges.

It basically the Ferrari of electronic cigarettes. The Versace of e-cigs. It’s not only got the look and feel but the performance to go with it.

So if you are a trend setter… then here is the trend to set before your rivals get there first.

Go get one today at www.myinlife.eu