inLife Regal 2 Refill Cartidges

Cartridge technology has come a long way since the original regal was introduced a little over a year ago. In the old days you had to purchase seperate atomizers which were always unreliable and you never knew when they had expired.

When the Regal 2 cartomizer was introduced it revolutionized electronic cigarettes, providing a sealed unit with an atomizer in each cartridge. This not only did away with the need to replace atomizers but also increased the performance of the smoking experience as a whole. Smoke volume was greatly increased and the longevity of the cartridges went from the equivilent of about 5-8 cigarettes to more than a pack of 20.

When you purchase an inLife Regal 2 Supreme pack you will receive a box of 6 cartridges of differing nicotine levels to try.

2 High, 2 Medium, 1 Low and 1 Zero

This combination is to allow you to choose the level that best suits you.

With our new PIF packs you receive a single high cartridge. if it proves to strong…just drop to medium or low depending on your preference when you reorder your boxes of cartridges. Remeber the discounts below for multi box orders.

We have found that due to the ‘cleaner’ taste of the e-cig, it is not always a sure fit to assume that a Winston smoker will prefer High cartridges. So you get to try the different tastes before you order you preference.


Regal 2 cartridges come in boxes of 8 cartridges.

We discount so you can buy in bulk and save even more money..

4 Boxes …….  $95.97 ( Save $25)

10 Boxes…..   $224.63 (Save $75)

20 Boxes…..   $419.30 (Save $180)

50 Boxes…..   $973.38 (Save over $500)

Note: For 10, 20 & 50 Box purchases you need to select Regal 2 Multi-pack  in shop (the 10 box packs are at the end). For single and 4 box just select Regal 2 Cartridges)

This means that for a pack a day tobacco smoker, you should be able to get a months supply for under $100…..a great saving on todays cost of tobacco!

Retailers can get the unit price of a box under $20 a box giving a great margin on local sales.

Retailers wishing to stock the PIF Regal 2 starter kits in the USA, or Europe should e-mail with their company details.

Wholesale accounts for retailers are free and need only purchase a 10 PIF pack ($99) plus counter display ($13.50) to be able to start selling Regal2 e-cigs.

A retail website and full customer service is provided so retailers can earn residual income from cartridge re-orders.

This means that for a pack a day tobacco smoker, you should be able to get a months supply for about $100…..a great saving on todays cost of tobacco!

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