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inLife E-Cig Cartridge Refills – Get 25% More For Your Money

News on the grapevine is that the packaging of the inlife Regal cartridges ( Now The Standard model) as well as she vapes, Menthol and Nicmaxx is changing for the better.

The really good news is that you will now get 10 cartridges for the price that you used to pay for 8.

The new packaging (see below)

standard high2standard high menthol

means that you can purchase 2×5 packs for $29.95 giving you 25% more cartridges for the same price. This price is also applicable for Nicmaxx cartridges and other brands. Buy now at the shop.


Ecigs South Carolina – A News Item

Smokers are starting to speak out about electronic cigarettes and the ecig message has reached ABC news in South Carolina…here is a great report about what one smoker of 41 years has experienced.

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) – Ron Sena smoked a pack-a-day for 40 years. His addiction to nicotine followed him everywhere he went – even in the Intensive Care Unit. But it wasn’t until he was introduced to electronic cigarettes that he was able to get rid of his tobacco habit.

“September 23rd, 2010 was basically the day I switched over,” he said.

After the patch failed, Ron decided to try “vaping”. In no time, Ron became a believer and started his own company called Carolina Vapor.

“I’ve got a waffle flavor, dewberry, cotton candy, root beer, cinnamon red hot, Carolina waffle, American cherry.”

As Ron began to feel better, he recruited other smokers to try the alternative.

“For the most part, a lot of these guys will call me back a week later, ‘it’s great’, ‘I love this thing’, ‘I haven’t had a cigarette since last week’ or ‘I’m down to maybe two cigarettes a day versus two or three packs a day,” said Ron.

Electronic cigarettes release water vapor and produce no second hand smoke. However, they are not FDA approved and there is very little research to show how healthy they are.

“The base is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Those are the two main liquids,” Ron said.

Dr. Michael Spandorfer is a pulmonary physician with Roper St. Francis Medical Systems.

“Those chemicals are relatively inert. They are a slightly fatty type of material which once inhaled can induce some lung disease,” said Dr. Spandorfer.

Still, Dr. Spandorfer says there are far less chemicals in e-cigs than there are in tobacco cigarettes.

“There are more than a thousand other chemicals in a tobacco cigarette than one would find in an electronic cigarette.”

While there are fewer unknown chemicals, electronic cigarettes still contain nicotine.

“It is a drug and they do have side effects,” said Dr. Spandorfer.

Nonetheless, smokers who have switched to vapor cigs say they feel healthier.

“You wake up in the morning and you can breathe. Sinus trouble is a whole lot less. The cigarette cough goes away,” said Chris Bellew, a pack and a half-a-day smoker for 41 years.

“Food tastes better. I can keep up with my four grandkids that are down here,” said Louis Bucci, a 40-year smoker.

“I can breathe better when I’m walking down the steps. It’s just all around a good thing,” said Samantha Barfield, a young mother of one.

While there is no sure evidence, the folks who use vapor cigs believe they are a healthier option.

“I’ve gone to multiple websites and every single one of them will sit there and say, ‘we can not say that this is a healthier alternative for you.’ But, my own personal experience is, yes, it is a healthier alternative,” said Michelle Ponoski, a 32-year smoker.

Dr. Spandorfer says e-cigs should only be used as a way to help a person quit smoking. He says they should not be a permanent lifestyle.

“If they’ve made the change from active tobacco smoking, now to these electronic cigarettes, then they probably are ready whether they believe it or not,” Dr. Spandorfer said.


Irish Embrace The E-cig

The Irish Examiner runs an article showing how smokers are moving to e-cigs from tobacco.

It’s Nov 1, the traditional day for quitting bad habits, but e-cigs, which look real but are harmless, may soon be banned, says Jason Walsh

IT’S been years since smoking was cool, but neither that nor a ban on smoking in public buildings has stubbed out the habit. Electronic cigarettes might, if they aren’t banned, and it’s Nov 1, the day designated for quitting bad habits.

Invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, e-cigs use a battery to atomise a liquid solution and deliver a smoke-like vapour to the lungs of the user.

The users, or ‘vapers’, inhale a compound of propylene glycol — the base used in asthma inhalers — food flavouring and, optionally, nicotine, getting the throat hit and psychological fix of a cigarette without smoking. No tobacco is involved, nothing burns and the exhaled vapour is odourless — it doesn’t smell of burnt leaves.

Vapers can flout the smoking ban — for now. E-cigs are popular with smokers tired of standing in the wind and rain on a night out, and with smokers for whom other methods of quitting were unsatisfactory.

Vaper Shane Dowling, from County Clare, previously smoked 40 cigarettes a day. “I started smoking 30 years ago, when I was nine. I tried everything to quit: patches, gum, Champix twice, willpower, and nothing worked,” he says.

Vapers did, and Dowling organised Vapefest Ireland, a meet-up for vapers held in Abbeyleix in September. Three hundred attended and Dowling hopes it will go annual. “I can’t stand the smell of being around smokers, my stomach turns,” says Dowling.

Celebrities are vaping. Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, David Letterman, Dennis Quaid and Katherine Heigl have all been snapped vaping. As has Lindsay Lohan, though that may not be an endorsement.

In Ireland, vaping was a fringe activity but may soon be mainstream. A specialist shop, Ovale, has opened in Dublin’s Gardiner Street, Londis sells starter kits, and many convenience stores sell disposable units that last a day.

Gerry Feehily, from Bundoran, lives in Paris and started vaping when a friend sent him a starter kit. At first, Feehily was dubious.

“I secretly hoped the delivery would be delayed. But the ‘transfer’, if I can call it that, was almost immediate. During the next two days, I smoked an occasional real cigarette, but I actually found I preferred vaping on the virtual one.”

A two-packs-a-day man who’d cut down to 15 cigarettes, Feehily found the transition “miraculous”.

He hasn’t smoked since July and feels healthier: “More energy, greater sense of taste and smell, my gums have grown back, my teeth are clean,” he says.

Like many who switch to vaping, Feehily has become somewhat evangelical and has converted his elderly father.

“He’s 74, and has had health scares that were tobacco-related. He quit tobacco the day the kit arrived. When I was last back home, we went to our local pub for a pint, the two of us tooting merrily on our e-cigs. No-one passed remarks,” he says.

Not everyone is happy with vapers, though. Authorities in various countries have sought to outlaw them, or regulate them as medical devices. A US ban was overturned in court, but some municipalities have extended smoking ban legislation to cover e-cigs.

In September, Belgium banned the use of vapers in public buildings.

Research is thin, but most vapers report the aches and pains of smoking disappear and lung capacity increases. Although nicotine is toxic, it is not carcinogenic and the doses used in e-cigs are too low to poison.

Cassanda Campbell, from Dublin, who, under the name Pink Vaper, reviews e-cigarette products online, says the prohibitionist impulse is irritating.

“Every time I look around, there’s another ban or petition. We’re being treated like children who can’t make decisions for themselves,” she says.

In Ireland, opposition has been muted, but real. The Irish Pharmacy Union ordered members to remove e-cigarettes from their shelves, and the Dublin-based TobaccoFree Research Institute has expressed scepticism, saying it is not in favour of anything that could promote the idea of smoking.

In the meantime, the numbers of vapers continue to grow — and the market with them.

Campbell is branching out from reviews, opening an online store aimed at women, Pure Vapour, and has bigger plans: “My next venture, hopefully, will be a lounge where you can have a vape and a coffee,” she says.

My habit has been Vapourised

I QUIT smoking in January. It’s a new year cliché, but any time is a good time to quit. No patches, no gum and, apparently, no speaking: the main thing I did on my first week off cigarettes was to barely talk. Not a great start. After sparking up again, I decided to investigate e-cigs.

When I heard Londis was stocking reusable vapourisers, I bit. I’ve not smoked a single cigarette since that day six months ago. It’s not entirely like smoking — if anything it’s more pleasant, and certainly stinks a lot less — but it’s close enough. Since then I’ve spent over €150 trying out different models and flavours and, in the last month, weaned myself off nicotine.

Had I known what I was looking for, I could have saved most of this and spent no more than €40 on the lot. The unit I eventually settled on is much larger than a cigarette and has a USB port on the bottom so I can keep it plugged-in while I vape. As bizarre as this sounds (and looks), it’s important: the more cigarette-like the device, the shorter the battery life. Rechargeable cigarette-a-likes can last as little as two hours, which is obviously less than ideal.

Next month the plan is to quit altogether. They may not be intended as an aid to stopping, and many vapers have no intention of quitting, but they worked for me.


Nicmaxx – Battery Tips

We had a few enquiries about the nicmaxx battery and so here are a few tips.

1. When is it charged?

There are two ways to tell if the battery is fully charged. there is a light on the charger that is red when charging and blue when the battery is fully charged. Also when you first put the battery onto charge the light on the end will glow with a strong light. When the battery is fully charged the light will be dim or not be lit at all.

2. When does the battery need charging?

When the charge has been fully used on the battery, the light at the end will flash on and off. However, you may find that when the charge is getting low but before the light starts flashing that the power reduces. This can sometimes be taken to be that the cartridge is running out. Personally before I change a cartridge, I will also change the battery first to double check that the lack of smoke is not a low battery instead of a low cartridge. If the cartridge is the reason you will be able to taste a slight burning taste on the cartridge with the new battery meaning it needs a new cartridge. Otherwise, you will be able to keep smoking on the new battery.

Hope that helps!

Nicmaxx Do I have To Charge The battery Before Use? And other Questions…

The Nicmaxx electronic cigarette by inLife LLC comes in a blister pack with USB charger and two cartridges to use.

We have had a few people ask about the battery and whether it needs charging before use. The battery in the blister packs will have been given a charge at the factory before packing. What we have found is that whilst it is possible to use the battery immediately, the battery may not contain a full charge straight out of the packet.

reasons for this can relate to the amount of time the product has been ‘on the shelf’. The battery will lose charge over time without a boost. So to get the best out of a new battery you may need to charge for a short period. Alternatively, just use the battery until the flashing light tells you that it needs charging.

Another question we have been asked is about refilling cartridges.

This is not possible for 2 reasons. Firstly, the Nicmaxx cartridge contains an in built atomizer within each cartridge. the other reason is that refillable cartridges that use seperate atomizers are subject to misuse and a potential health hazard through the build up of bacteria in the absorbing material. It is felt that for good reason, the most safe method to enjoy the Nicmaxx experience is through the sealed cartomizer units.

You can get discounts on Nicmaxx cartridges. See shop for details.