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Welcome to the SSDC website!

SSDC offers amazing, innovative products such as the Nicmaxx electronic Cigarette by Inlife (formerly called the Regal) and inForce, Coriolus versicolor PSK/PSP, an incredible immune system modulator, fuuly organic and backed by hundreds of clinical trials.

Our mission is to bring the electronic cigarette to as many smokers as possible. As smokers ourselves we understand a smokers needs and after trying the rest…..know that Nicmaxx (Regal2) offers the best smoking experience in the marketplace.

If you are interested in purchasing product, click the “Shop” button above. If you are interested in starting your own inLife distributorship and joining our team as an Independent Distributor, then click “Join” I look forward to working with you as we reach our personal goals together.

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The inLife Standard E-Cig

The inLife Standard electronic cigarette or e-cig is simply the best combination of the latest e-cig technology combined with the only nicotine refill cartridges manufactured in an FDA registered laboratory.

The cartomizer cartridges that combine with a solid state battery with a 6 month replacement warranty and state of the art customer service are just some of the reasons that Josh Harris of ‘The Deadliest Catch’ and former Winston Man Dave Goerlitz choose to favour The Standard electronic cigarette.

Now only $29.95 in 4 brands…

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including the offers for The Regal 2 Deluxe with an extra battery and The Regal 2 Supreme that include a portable charger and stylish carry case.

The inLife Supreme

  • Get 2 Cigarette Batteries
  • Battery Charger & mains Lead
  • 6 Regal 2 Cartomizer refills (2 high, 2 med, 1 Low, 1 No)
  • The Portable charger
  • Slimline Carry Case


  regal2 deluxe regal2 accessories  

The Regal 2 Deluxe

  • 2 Batteries
  • 6 cartridges (2 high, 2 Med, 1 Low, 1 Zero)
  • Battery Charger & Lead

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inLife E-Cig Accessories

Everything you need to Jazz up your smoking experience.


  • Coloured Batterries
  • Car Chargers
  • USB Chargers
  • PCC Portable chagers
  • Carry cases
  regal2 catomizer refills

regal2 wholesale PIF Packs


inLife Cartomizer Refills

  • Atomizer built into every cartridge
  • The only e-cig refills manufactured in a FDA laboratory
  • The best smoke volume and overall smoking experience in the industry
  • Equal to 20+ tobacco cigarettes
  • Available in Standard, Menthol & Robust Flavours
  • Available in High, Medium, Low & Zero Nicotine levels

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The PIF Wholesale Pack For Retailers